Meter Recall Program

Our Number One Priority is Public and Employee Safety

As mandated by Measurement Canada, we are required to periodically recall and inspect our gas meters to verify accuracy.

What does this mean for you as a customer? Every five to seven years, our technicians may need to exchange your gas meter to ensure it is working properly. This work will require an interruption in gas supply to your home or business.

We will make our best efforts to notify you when your meter is due for recall and when the work will be completed. After the new gas meter is installed, our technician will leave a notification at your premise with basic instructions on how to relight your natural gas appliances. In the event you are unable to complete this task yourself, a contact number will be left to have a technician assist you. In consideration of COVID-19, we encourage you to use one of our remote support options. This includes video or audio chat, where a qualified technician can walk you through the relight process without the need to enter your home or business.