Benefits of Natural Gas

Keep Your Home Cozy with Natural Gas

Because natural gas is abundant in Alberta, using it to heat your home and water is convenient, safe, and affordable. Read on to discover the many benefits of using natural gas at home.


Natural gas delivery systems are designed, built, operated and maintained to the highest codes and standards in Canada. Apex Utilities meets or exceeds these standards and has been recognized as an industry leader in safety.


Approximately 20 million Canadians use natural gas every day to heat their homes and water, cook meals and dry clothes. Natural gas is used to generate electricity, as a fuel for vehicles and as a raw material to produce products such as plastics and fertilizer. It’s an amazing and versatile source of energy.


Canadians have relied on natural gas to heat their homes, businesses, schools, and hospitals for over 100 years. Apex Utilities’ customers enjoy reliability rates exceeding 99.99%.


In Alberta, more than 1.2 million customers enjoy affordable natural gas. Homeowners using natural gas for household heating can save between $1,000 – $2,000/year in energy costs compared to other more expensive alternatives such as propane, heating oil, and electricity.


Natural gas is an efficient and clean energy source. It plays a major role in reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by displacing high carbon fuels such as coal and heating oil, be it for space heating or electricity generation. The development of Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) produced from farms, landfills, sewage treatment plants, and forests further reduces the GHG impact.


Canada has more than 200 years of natural gas supply at current product levels. Alberta accounts for 68% of the natural gas produced in Canada. It is estimated 31.3 trillion cubic feet of recoverable, conventional natural gas is beneath our feet. The abundance of natural gas has pushed commodity prices to record lows.