Click Before You Dig

Put Safety First

Natural gas pipelines can be buried mere centimetres below the surface. You need to obtain utility location services before starting any project involving ground disturbance to avoid damaging these pipelines. This includes projects such as water and sewer installations, wire or cable installations, grading changes, planting trees, fence and deck installations, and landscaping. Any time your shovel, auger, backhoe, or other mechanical equipment goes into the ground, you need to know what’s below the surface to avoid dangerous contact with buried utilities.

Damaging buried natural gas pipelines can be dangerous and costly, potentially resulting in:

  • The loss of natural gas service to your home or neighbourhood;
  • Expensive pipeline repair costs; and
  • Injuries or fatalities.

Before you start any project that may cause ground disturbance, follow these steps:

1. Plan Your Work Area

Plan out your dig area and physically mark the area with stakes or paint.

2. Click Before You Dig

At least three full working days before you start your project, visit Alberta One Call or call 1-800-242-3447 to request utility locates. A representative will contact you, or visit your project site, to mark the approximate location of Apex Utilities’ buried natural gas pipelines.

3. Dig Safe

If your dig area changes from the original scope, please submit a revised locate request through Alberta One Call. Never make an assumption about where gas lines are located.

Avoid digging within one (1) metre of either side of the markings. If there is a need to dig within one (1) metre of a natural gas pipeline, carefully expose the pipeline using hand digging methods to avoid contact with the pipeline.


For more information on safe digging practices, visit Utility Safety Partners