Settlement Reports


The purpose of this section is to fulfill the reporting requirements outlined in Section 10 of the Alberta Utilities Commission Rule 028: Natural Gas Settlement System Code. The information shown is updated monthly.

Reporting Requirements

This section defines the reporting requirements with respect to settlement performance. On a monthly basis, the following reports will be provided by Apex Utilities Inc.:

Site DCM Information
Each month, we will report data related to Site Daily Cumulative Meter (DCM) information, by profile class, for each settlement run. For example, the statistics reported for the Settlement Month of January would be reported in February (S1), March (S2) and May (S3).

Settlement Accuracy at Final Settlement
Each month, we will report settlement accuracy data for each zone. The specific comparisons are Final Settlement (S3) data vs. Interim (S2), Initial (S1) and Backcast (B1) data. For example, January Settlement Month statistics would be reported in May.

System Information
System information relates to the total gas receipts and total gas deliveries for the gas distribution system, per zone. The total estimated system receipts for each day in the Settlement Month and Final Settlement for the total distribution system consumption, are reported at the time Final Settlement (S3) is published. For example, the statistics reported in the month of May would be for the Settlement Month of January.

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