Headline: Comparing Natural Gas and Electricity


Natural gas is more reliable with fewer outages.

Alberta’s natural gas has an important role to play in helping our province through the energy transition. Natural gas is the cleanest fossil fuel, and it’s an abundant, local energy source with existing infrastructure that helps Albertans heat their homes and water in a cost-effective way.

Natural gas rates are significantly lower.

1 GJ of natural gas is the equivalent of 278 kWh of electricity. 1 GJ of natural gas costs $2.462, and the equivalent in electricity costs $27.80.        

October 2021

Regulated Rate Federal Fuel Charge Regulated Rate Comparison
Natural Gas Distributor: $/GJ $/GJ ¢/kWh ¢/kWh Under $0.02
Apex Utilities Inc. 2.462 2.1025899 0.016
ATCO Gas 2.784 2.1025899 0.018


Regulated Rate Comparison
Electricity Distributor: ¢/kWh ¢/kWh Over $0.10
EPCOR Distribution 10.730 10.730
Fortis Alberta Inc. 10.527 10.527
Enmax Power Corp. 10.384 10.384
Atco Electric 10.658 10.658


This cost differential is in addition to the reliability provided by your natural gas distribution system compared to the electrical system reliability in Alberta.